Most Eminent Grand Commandery Of Knights Templar
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Jurisdictions

Most Eminent Grand Commander
Sir Knight Paul Cordoza - K.Y.C.H.
Commandery #

Sir Knight Rudolph T. Brown
V.E. Deputy Grand Commander
Harmony Commandery #4
Sir Knight Carlyle Bernard
E.G. Generalissimo
Lewis Hayden Commandery #1
Sir Knight Charles M. Johnson
E.G. Captain General
Lewis HaydenCommandery #1

Sir Knight John P. Ferrick
Eminent Grand Treasurer
Lewis Hayden Commandery #1
Sir Knight Donald Mitchel Jr.
Eminent Grand Secretary
Harmony Commandery #1

S.K. Allen F. Knight
Eminent Commander
Lewis Commandery #1
Eminent Commander
Van Horn Commandery #2
S.K. John Williams
Eminent Commander
Golgatha Commandery #3
S.K. Johnathan Hurt
Eminent Commander
Harmony Commandery #4

Most Eminent Grand Commandery Contact Information

24 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02121
(617) 445-1145

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