Prince Hall Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Jurisdiction of Massachusetts

Marie Lockhart
Worthy Grand Matron

Frank Robinson
Worthy Grand Patron

Josephine Bartie
Associate Grand Matron

Lesly Charles-Pierre
Associate Grand Patron

Lynnett Sumpter-Tyler
Grand Conductress
Pauline Barnes
Grand Treasurer
Jannette Offutt
Grand Secretary

Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Jurisdiction of Massachusetts, was instituted September 9, 1944 at 1095 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Appropriately named, being the famed founder of our great organization, Prince Hall. Membership in the Order is restricted to the mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and widows of Master Masons.

Our first Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron were Sis. Nellie Harris and Bro. Harry Brown. The other Grand Chapter officers were Grand Associate Matron, Sis. Elizabeth Moffitt, Grand Associate Patron, Bro. Robert Johnson, Grand Treasurer, Sis. Marion Boone, Grand Secretary, Sis. Julia Noble, Grand Conductress, Sis. Dora O. Johnson, Grand Associate Conductress, Sis. Estelle Ferriabough, Grand Chaplain, Bro. Roswell, Grand Marshall, in the East, Sis. Gladys R. Surrey, Grand Marshall in the West, Sis. Elsie C. Mann, Grand Lecturer, Sis. Ada Bell Griffin, Grand Adah, Sis. Dorothy W. Bailey, Grand Ruth, Sis. Ebba S. Perry, Grand Esther, Sis. Ruth A. Lombard, Grand Martha, Sis. Ida M. Dunn, Grand Electa, Sis. Harriet A. L. Jones, Grand Warder, Sis. Cynthia M. Blackburn, Grand Sentinel, Bro. William Scott, and Grand Youth Organizer, Sis. Bertha L. Bogan. All were duly elected and installed at our first convocation.

Our goal as a Grand Chapter is to bind together all who are entitled to its privileges, mutually aid and assist in sickness and distress and to inculcate the principles of morality and friendship, as exemplified by the lives of the Heroines of our Rite. To encourage faith in God and His works, sisterly love and a devotion to the benevolent and charitable service of our Order.

Contact Information
Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star
24 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02121
(617) 445-1145

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