It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge. Free and Accepted Masons, Jurisdiction Of Massachusetts' website. You are now visiting the Oldest Black Organization in America. Our legacy started On March 6, 1775 when; Prince Hall and 14 men of color were made masons in Lodge No.441 of the Irish Registry attached to the 38th British Foot Infantry at Castle William Island in Boston Harbor. It marked the first time that men of color were made Mason in America. When the British Army left Boston in 1776, No 441, granted Prince Hall and his brethren authority to meet as African Lodge #1 (Under Dispensation). Finally on March 2, 1784, Prince Hall petitioned the Grand Lodge of England, through a Worshipful Master of a subordinate Lodge in London (William Moody of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 55) for a warrant or charter. It was granted on September 29, 1784! Captain Scott, brother-in-law of John Hancock delivered the warrant to Prince Hall personally on April 29, 1787.

Prince Hall died on December 4, 1807 and his remains are housed in Copp's Hill Cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1847, Out of respect for their founding father and first Grand Master, they changed their name to Prince Hall Grand Lodge, the name it carries today.

Two hundred and forty-five plus years later, Prince Hall's legacy as Freemason, a founding father, a Leader and first Black Grand Master has survived. There are now over forty-five hundred lodges worldwide, forming over forty-seven sovereign Jurisdictions with a membership of over three hundred Masons who can trace their origin to African Lodge No. 459 Boston, Massachusetts.

I am the seventy-first Most Worshipful Grand Master Of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Jurisdiction Of Massachusetts, carrying on the Legacy stated by Bro. Prince Hall so many years ago.

It is my hope that your visit here will be all that you anticipated and May The Great Architect Of the Universe continues to shower blessing upon you.

MW. Bro.Yves R. Maignan
Grand Master



Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
Jurisdiction of Massachusetts
226th Grand Lodge Communication
December 8, 2017 thru December 10, 2017

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts will formally re-open its symbolic lodge, Most Worshipful African Lodge No. 459 April 28, 2018. The ceremony will pay tribute to Prince Hall and the other very brave men who chose the route of Freemasonry to help their people and to have a legitimate vehicle by which to advance and enrich the lives of generations to follow. The participants will be dressed in period costume from the 18th century. The officers stations in the lodge will be filled by currently seated Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Masters from among the 47 Prince Hall jurisdictions.

Grand Lodge Events Calendar 2018 - 2019
Date Event Place Time
February 25, 2018 Black History Program William E. Reed Auditorium 4:00 PM
May5, 2018 Grand Lodge Mid-Year Session MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge 9:00 AM
May 28, 2018 Memorial Day Service Copps Hill & PH Mystic Cemetery 10:00 AM
June 5, 2018 Scholarship & Award Program William E. Reed Auditorium 8:00 PM
June 10, 2018 Prince Hall Family Day Franklin Park 1:00 PM
June 25, 2018 St. John'n Day Program William E. Reed Auditorium 8:00 PM
July TBA, 2018 Lobsterfest Bangor, ME 8:00 PM
TBA 2018 Grand Lodge Boat Ride Rowes Wharf - Boston, MA 8:00 PM
September 9, 2018 Americanism Day Program William E. Reed Auditorium 8:00 PM
September 22, 2018 Worshipful Master's Ball William E. Reed Auditorium 1:00 PM
TBA, 2018 Grand Lodge Raffle MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge 12:00 AM
TBA, 2018 Prince Hall Family Dance William E. Reed Auditorium 9:00 PM
December 7, 2018 Grand Lodge of Sorrow William E. Reed Auditorium 8:00 PM
December 7,8,9, 2018 Grand Lodge Annual Communication MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge 8:00 AM
December 26, 2018 Grand Lodge Resumption MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge 7:00 PM

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